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Last updated: Fri, 5-June-2024

My Business Names: Symbolic IQ™, Quantum IQ™

TiddlyWikis are huge because they contain a lot of executable code. Your download app may warn you about that.
By default, TiddlyWikis name paragraphs using CamelCase, and so that's what I do here.

Symbolic Language TV show pitch (pdf) (hint: unproduced)

Symbolic Language. A TiddlyWiki (2.5Mb) Contains the essays MagicMirror and MagicMirrorExamples, etc

Personal Security. A TiddlyWiki (2.2Mb) Contains information about editing/removing metadata, secure communication, etc
It is not directly connected to the symbolic language stuff

Homepage of the TiddlyWiki ecosystem

The ImageMagick docs for colors
Scroll down to 'List of Color Names', then mouse-over the list to get a new vertical scroll-bar

The Mozilla docs for CSS
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